We are a warm, welcoming & inclusive church in the Anglican tradition. A loving community where all people are invited to grow in relationship with God and one another.

Having a better understanding of Scripture (the Old and New Testaments) can enable people to grow in both their faith, and their personal relationship with God. In addition to the study of relevant topics during Advent and Lent, specially selected topics of study are chosen throughout the year to help facilitate this growth. Study groups are lead by Fr. Michael.

The Season of Lent

Lent is a time of preparation for Easter: forty days of preparation for fifty days of celebration. Lent means waiting: for the cross, the water and the fire. God does not need Lent, but we do. The rhythm of fast and feast taps into some elemental need of ours, where denial creates longings to be satisfied so that we come to deeper appreciation of God’s great gifts. Lent is a time for preparing catechumens (baptismal candidates) for Easter baptism. It has its origins in the fact that preparation of catechu-mens is a process by which the whole Christian community is renewed.

Lenten Studies

Our five week study program for this year will commence on Thursday 22 February using the book ‘A Way Through the Wilderness’. There will be two groups: a 10.30am group who will meet in the vicarage and a 7pm group who will meet in the John Steele Room.